The Weather

Rain. It falls tick-tocking on dusty asphalt, on hardened ground. Reminds us how much time has gone by since the last one, this clock sound, this heartbeat of the atmosphere. All winter we have told the skies how sorry we are, like children seeking grace from a god they don’t understand. If you give us rain, we’ll never hurt you again.
The night is cold but I am out in it, wanting to be closer to this scant moisture, the teasing hints of a true rainstorm. All day I’ve been watching the sky and the showers skeptically, hopefully. I walked home in it, refusing a friend’s offered ride, wanting to be watered. Now, alone at last, I inhale and taste the aroma of moistened earth. My tongue reaches out to wet my lips. I don’t depend on the weather. Except I do. What else is there?
When work acquaintances offer a minute of their time, what do we discuss? The weather. When I’m on the telephone with Grandma Kay who breathes heavily, understanding nothing, what do I babble aimlessly about, trying not to disclose my grief? The weather. When I call my father after months of silence, needing to know something important but not sure how to jump into the subject, the weather is there. And it’s here too, begging discussion, ready to fill the gaps between love and obligation, between absence and presence.
The rain, such as it was, has quieted now. I hear the distant freeway, a mechanical suburban buzz, my own fingers against keys, and the last drops of water dropping from the rooftop to the neglected yard of this house we live in. We grow rangy and gnarled without the rain, all of us. When it is here, we breathe easier, we take in the sweet smell. It softens us and our world, hugging it in grey pearlescence, hiding the inarguable march of the sun across the sky each day. Tomorrow, likely, it will clear up again. In our biome, and in our hearts, drought is here.


2 Comments to “The Weather”

  1. This is truly lovely, so heartfelt!

  2. Very well written! Weather is life, without it, nothing would survive. We need the rain, we need respite from the water, just as we need changes in our life from day to day. You’ve brought out a lot of good thoughts. I always enjoy reading your blogs.

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