About the Blog


Me harvesting nettles in 2013

Poking a few edible flowers in among the meatier facts about where our food really comes from. Recipes occasionally. Snark always.

About Me

As cook for two decades and a writer for nearly as long, I have come to understand the inextricable relationship between the two. There is no formula for good writing. Neither is there for good food. Both are born of a creative spirit; the only way to get there is to have some fun.





5 Comments to “About”

  1. Love your writing! Please keep it up !!! I’ll eagerly be waiting for more posts….

  2. Great site! I wish there were more sites like this where folks were talking about our food. I am from Vancouver and it is a big focus here too – love the name! I’ll be back.

  3. So I randomly stumbled across your blog while compiling a bibliography on seeds. It was the article “Regional Seed Systems in the Malnad: preserving food security the traditional way.” In Leisa India. Anyway, I love your blog and your writing and I am really curious to hear more about your experience, especially now that some time has passed… I am just catching up on your blog posts from when you were there…If you have published anything else or have time to shoot me an e-mail please do! Sarahlsax.at.gmail.com.

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