Why Tulips?

About the Blog

After four years of blogging about food (and many other things) under the title “Notulips”, author Tuula Rebhahn discovered that Tulips are, in fact, edible. Not only that, but even the most productive vegetable garden must have a few “useless” flowers to attract beneficial insects and pollinators. She called a truce on the war against Tulips, accepted them as part of a healthy diet, and has promised to quit administering the evil eye to those who confuse her name with the flower’s.

This blog seeks to provide a free alternative to finger-pointing environmental journalism, and poke a few edible flowers in among the meatier facts about where our food comes from.

About Tuula

I recently relocated to Ashland, Oregon from the Willamette Valley. When I’m not writing, I enjoy managing my worm ranch, Terrasquirma, sweating up hills on my bicycle, Cynthia, tearing through the house with my cat, Silvia, and inventing new recipes with my partner, Hannah.

Since taking an urban farming course at the University of Oregon, I have been driven by the question of how to establish food security in all communities. Looking for the answers has taken me across the globe, out on fishing boats, on the road with Cynthia and Hannah, and, most often, out into the field.

My name is Finnish, and I am not. “Tuula” loosely translates as “wind” and is pronounced just as it looks. I grew up in the tiny fishing village of Port Orford, Oregon, where the wind blows almost every day of the year.

Find me tending the aisles of the Ashland Food Coop, or drop me a line:

5 Comments to “Why Tulips?”

  1. Love your writing! Please keep it up !!! I’ll eagerly be waiting for more posts….

  2. Great site! I wish there were more sites like this where folks were talking about our food. I am from Vancouver and it is a big focus here too – love the name! I’ll be back.

  3. So I randomly stumbled across your blog while compiling a bibliography on seeds. It was the article “Regional Seed Systems in the Malnad: preserving food security the traditional way.” In Leisa India. Anyway, I love your blog and your writing and I am really curious to hear more about your experience, especially now that some time has passed… I am just catching up on your blog posts from when you were there…If you have published anything else or have time to shoot me an e-mail please do! Sarahlsax.at.gmail.com.

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